martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

I need a change..

I want to change my style. You should get a haircut.
I want to get in shape. You should join a gym.
I want to have many friends. You should join a club.
I want to get more money. You should get a good job.

I like to visit Margarita. I'd like to visit Margarita next summer.

My bad habits are I bite my nails, eat a lot of funk food and watch too much TV.
My bad qualities are I'm very lazy.

My dreams is after graduation, my goal is to get a good job. I'd also like to get married but not until I'm 28!

jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

My name is Anyelin Gonzalez, I am linving in Maracaibo, I am 18 years old and I'm student of URBE. My favorite subjects are Accounting, Mathematics and Management.

I like listening to music, watch and play Dance, learn new things every day talking with my friends, going to movies, going to the beach.

I don't like people who smoke or have vices like drugs !!... I hate injustice, violence, lies, war, racism, ignorance!

My dream is to travel to Mexico, USA, Argentina. Of course I hope to graduate from the college first and be the best public accountant, set up my own business, buy a house and a couple cars, then i will like to have my own family.

About the english I think is very important practice because these lenguage is the most popular in the world.I hope to learn a little more English and to meet new friends!

I hope to learn a little more English and to meet new friends!..Bye Bye!